So, here are some cool things I'm working on or have worked on in addition to the day-to-day and professional papers and talks.  If something looks interesting, don't hesitate to contact me and say hi!

Knight News Challenge on Libraries [Prototype Fund]
In early 2016, I was part of a team that submitted an idea as part of the 2016 Knight News Challenge on Libraries.  The idea we submitted was one of 14 projects ultimately selected for funding as part of this challenge.  As part of our Digging DEEP project, we conducted a needs analysis with extension educators and prototyped a product that we hope will increase access to and promote research resources for supporting our communities. Read more about the event we hosted in September 2017 for Penn State Extension colleagues:

Tablets (and other mobile devices) in libraries
In June 2011, my colleagues--Carolyn Meier and Heather Moorefield-Lang--and I started investigating the impact of tablets and mobile devices on the future of libraries.  Since then, we have published two books, two issues of Library Technology Reports, and facilitated four ALA webinars and three ALA eCourses on the topic.  Check our project site for examples of our work, project updates, and additional information:

Virginia Library Association Presentation Academy
After surveying VLA members about why they have not presented at state or regional conferences, my colleagues and I realized that there was a need to support and mentor professionals at all levels through the process of brainstorming, proposing, and presenting on ideas at conferences.  The VLA Presentation Academy was born in 2015, and we completed our pilot year in October 2015! 

The Innovative Library Classroom Conference
"What if southwest Virginia hosted an amazing conference for librarians interested in teaching and learning, kind of like our LEO meetings, but on a bigger level?" When Candice Benjes-Small, my colleague over at Radford University, posed this question to me, I had no idea of the joy and value that creating and facilitating this conference would bring!  The inaugural event was held in May 2013 at Radford University in Radford, VA, and was a huge success.  With 80+ attendees from nine different states, the conference drew a larger and more diverse crowd than we ever could have imagined. Visit the conference website to view presentations from the conference, and to find updates on plans for future events: 

LEO (Libraries Exchange Observation)
LEO, a collaboration among Radford University, Virginia Tech, and Hollins University, promotes cross-institutional peer observation and professional development.  The goal of the group is to improve and enhance the teaching and learning programs at each of our institutions, but we have gotten so much more out of it!  Check out our application for the ACRL Instruction Section Innovation Award, which (sadly) we didn't win--but we're still pretty proud of our group: